Emergency Dive Response Team

A non-profit Underwater Response Search Team dedicated to helping families recover drowning victims


Our Goal is to provide families with closure in the recovery of a drowning victim so that they can have a proper funeral and move beyond the emotional turmoil that comes with losing a loved one in such dire circumstances.
Our dedicated team of volunteers and staff provide resources, equipment, tactical support along with proven search methods that are instrumental in the recovery of very difficult and sometimes extremely dangerous underwater recoveries. We do not charge for our services, however we appreciate and rely on donations.
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Bringing closure to some of the most challenging heartbreaks.

Typically our team is called out after local agencies have exhausted their search parameters (usually 5 days) and we have been requested by the families to retrieve the drowning victim. Additionally, we will provide immediate dive services for agencies that lack the necessary equipment and resources required for a recovery.

Why is it so dangerous?

Using Lake Lanier as our primary focus, the extremes that the dive team faces are unique in the United States. Lake Lanier is covered in a forest of underwater trees. When diving, divers are required to circumnavigate the full standing trees (they do not rot), old fences, lines, lures, debris and underwater structures including bridges. Each dive mission is very dangerous given the water temperature at the bottom of the lake is consistently at 42 to 45 degrees year round. Additionally, no light penetrates the second thermocline (45 ft) requiring expensive lighting and technical gear to complete the mission. Finally, the locations of many drowning victims are unknown due to witnesses not being able to determine the exact location because they have vague memories when under duress.
We hope to strategically invest in some key pieces of equipment that will protect our divers, and enable us to more effectively partner with local agencies in helping these families find peace.
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Our team currently holds the record at Lake Lanier, GA for:

Longest successful recovery: 86 days

Deepest Recovery on record: 112 feet

Equipment Needs

Below is a list of larger items you can donate towards, or you can shop our Amazon wish list!

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Specialized recovery vessel.

Stats: 14x34 in length
Type: Large Pontoon

Custom sides with Monitor Mounts for collecting data, recording and viewing

Scuba: Racks for tanks, gear box, dry suit and wet suit closet, down lines, buoys, safety gear.

Additional Features: Body winch recovery system, Full enclosures for foul weather, heaters and generator for electricity
Cost: $13,000 Pontoon and Trailer
Outboard Engine $15k - $20K
Full Enclosures - $9K
Specialized Walls and Mounts - $20,000
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Motor for K-9 Forensic Unit

A specialized motor designed for quiet running to allow the dogs to focus on the task before them.

Cost: $5000
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Underwater ROV

Sonar and live stream feed. Allows team to use technology ahead of risking divers in the water for extended periods of time.

Cost: $50,000 plus training (tbd)
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LUBELL SYSTEM 3400 Diver Recall System

Cost: $2056
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Patrol Boats

Two inflatable patrol boats to ferry divers, gear and food. Also used to keep other boaters from entering the Search Area when in heavy boating areas.

Cost: $12K each
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